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XL LVT/Wood Cleaner throughly cleans and leaves floors with no streaks or residues. Engineered specifically for LVT and wood flooring, L&W is designed for use with microfiber flat mops or can be used in auto scrubbers.21520XL North LVT and Wood Flooring Cleaner Gal
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CM-910 is a pH neutral, biodegradable cleaner and maintainer for the daily cleaning or long-term preservation of the rubber flooring products. In addition to cleaning, CM-910 creates and leaves behind a protective film that helps maintain and condition the rubber, making future cleaning processes easier. CM-910GEXCMRoppe Excelsior CM-910 Cleaner Maintainer Gal
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GF-950 is a flexible, extended-wear acrylic floor finish, developed for vinyl & rubber resilient flooring products such as VCT, LVT, Solid Vinyl Tile, Quartz Tile and Rubber. GF-950 is a biodegradable finish developed with advanced polymers that provide excellent durability without creating unsightly buildup.GEXGFRoppe Excelsior Gloss Acrylic Floor Finish Gal
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Roppe Excelsior Performance Matte Floor Finish GalGEXMFRoppe Excelsior Performance Matte Floor Finish Gal
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Sentinel All Surface Floor Polish Pint404/CS12PTSentinel All Surface Floor Polish Pint
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The Tibet Almond Stick is a tightly rolled cotton stick, soaked in a secret family formula. It is used to efface surface scratches from wood surfaces. It comes in only one size and is colorless when rubbed on a scratch. If it is kept covered when not in use, it should last for years. The Tibet Almond Stick is very simple to use. Just open up the can, and remove the stick. Unwrap the blue wrapper and rub either end on the scratch. The scratch will disappear Quick As A Wink. There is no need to peel the label, or cut the stick. The liquid will continue to flow to the end of the stick until it is gone. Wipe off excess with absorbent tissue. Can't spill or stain.121Zenith Chemical Works Tibet Almond Stick Scratch Remover
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Sentinel All Surface Floor KitFLOOR KITSentinel All Surface Floor Kit
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